Citrus Blossom Honey

Citrus Blossom

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Our Citrus Blossom Raw Honey harvested from our family bee hives located in the Orange Groves of Southern California.

Available in:

  • 8 ounce Glass Jar
  • 16 ounce Glass Jar
  • 24 ounce Glass Jar

Our honey does not contain additives, preservatives, sweeteners or flavoring and is guaranteed 100% natural. The “Citrus Blossom” flavor is the natural result of our bees collecting pollen and producing honey from the Orange Trees. Our honey is carefully extracted from the hives by real beekeepers and bottled on our family owned facility.  The resulting raw honey is a medium amber orange color and has a smooth and creamy taste and texture.

Raw Honey is a good source of antioxidants that  protects your body from cell damage due to free radicals. It also contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties and is a natural energy booster providing the body with vitamins and minerals. It’s also an important prebiotic food that helps the good bacteria in your gut to support overall immune health.

14 reviews for Citrus Blossom Honey

  1. Brenda R. (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Delicious in any tea!

  2. Silvia Cisneros (Crystal Pure Honey)

    This is 💯 delish highly recomend the taste is perfect

  3. Silvia Cisneros (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Love it so delish just perfect

  4. Paula Maurer (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Love the flavor and aroma. I put honey on my coffee, I noticed honey helps to get rid of the acidity. Also don’t stain your teeth. Honey is good for the cold and stains, to your teeth. Tea, coffee and wine really bad to your teeth just eat a tablespoons of honey 🍯 make your smile brighter, and happy tummy. 😊

  5. Jason Madera (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Delicious 😋

  6. Anonymous (Crystal Pure Honey)

    This is hands down the best honey! We found them at the LA County Fair and will be lifelong customers!

  7. Silvia Cisneros (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Love it 💯 so pure & natural this is my favorite flavor highly recomend this product well packed & fast delivery service

  8. Nicole Robledo (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Love, love, love! My favorite honey so far!

  9. Mayte (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Very good product and nice taste!

  10. Nellie Hernandez-Garcia (Crystal Pure Honey)

  11. Sandra A. (Crystal Pure Honey)

    SO good with my green tea. The taste is amazing!

  12. Rita (Crystal Pure Honey)

    This is the best honey I haver tasted.

  13. Robin (Crystal Pure Honey)

  14. Paula Maurer (Crystal Pure Honey)

    Consistently the purest honey 🍯 💛 ❤️

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